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The Ruiz Filho Advogados office was founded in 1997 with the purpose of providing high standard services in the criminal law field. It currently employs attorneys who have accumulated experience for over than thirty years in this difficult art.

Thus, they are prepared to work across the broad spectrum of needs and interests encompassed by criminal law, the sole focus of their professional attention. The Ruiz Filho Advogados office is always in search of scientific and cultural improvements for its team and improving provided services.  

It was consolidated by its member aspirations’ identities, adopting ethical, inconspicuous and transparent conducts. The office acts as the strictest pillar of advocacy. Even inserted in competitive activities, it took discretion as one of its slogans. It also acts under transparency criteria: information and sincerity build effective and lasting relationships.

Ruiz Filho Advogados represents national and multinational companies in claims regarding tax crimes related to the consumer, against the financial system, and in competitive, social security, environmental and other crimes plaguing business activities. It also acts in the defense of private and public authorities, in various criminal justice fields.

Under constant updating, the office is prepared to provide compliance advisory in the criminal field, in tune with challenges from the most modern case studies.