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Ruiz Filho Advogados operates exclusively in the criminal law field, an art which its members have dedicated themselves to for years of activity and ceaseless study.

Listing all the areas in which they can perform in this branch of law is almost impossible these days. This stems from the phenomenon that Jesus-Maria Silva Sánchez, an important contemporary criminal lawyer, called the “expansion of Criminal Law ", a theme which stays at the center of legal disputes around the world.

Criminal Law, which traditionally sanctioned the detrimental conducts acknowledged by society, devoting itself to interpersonal relations especially, became a powerful instrument for state intervention, often extending itself surprisingly to people’s common sense, yet conditioned to conservative crime notions.

For some time it remained devoted to the criminal protection of diffuse interests and Corporate Criminal Law, resulting in new outbreaks of criminality as, for example, regarding the environment, consumer relations, economic policies, the financial system, etc.

In Brazil, this movement has been gaining momentum since the end of the 80s, when the appearance of special penal laws gave rise to genuine inflation in the body of legislation. For as reproachable as this trend may be, everyone needs to adapt oneself, even in business - a field increasingly targeted by new laws.

Aware of such reality, the Ruiz Filho Advogados office provides services along the scope of criminal law, being able to tackle many different situations, for individual and entrepreneurial interests and rights.